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Voyage – Tomat – sjælden og meget speciel

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Voyage – Tomat – sjælden og meget speciel

Denne tomat er meget speciel, og ret sjov. Den er ret sjælden. den ligner en hjerne. det er en stor rød tomat, som giver et stort udbytte hele sæsonnen. De har en helt fantastisk smag, meget kødfuld og saftig.

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læs her hvad ham jeg har fået frøene fra skriver om den:>br>

“I grew it out and it was absolutely show stopping and truly bizarre. Everyone who saw it wanted ( demanded ) it immediately! The fruits look like a mad scientist’s experiment to make a brain that is red. They are one fruit covered in these lumps that you can twist off and eat like cherry tomatoes. But it is just one fruit all stuck together all over with these round protuberances. This is the hardest to describe tomato I have ever grown
This is NOT the Riesenstraube ( “bunch of Grapes”) tomato, which is a relatively common German heirloom to find these days. I don’t know another darn thing about its history. But I do know you will want ( need) this baby. Exceedingly prolific all season long and just so darn much fun. Be the first to astonish your neighbors and get bragging rights for sure with this tomato! I loved to see people’s faces when I put these out on a plate. Remember what the Scarecrow said in the Wizard of Oz: ” If I only had a brain” . Well, with this tomato, now you do!”
The only difference was the size of the fruit was slightly larger and the vine was slightly shorter. So it may be another tomato altogether. I am just not sure.


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